Zimo’s official Boise River temp on June 5


Photo of Boise Fire Department practicing river rescue on the Boise River this week by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

I was out surfing The Weir on the Boise River with my whitewater canoe when a river rescue crew came along and was practicing putting the large inflatable rescue raft over the falls.

It’s that time of the year when the fire department will probably be picking tubers and rafters out of the bushes and off bridge abutments.

I just got the temperature of the river this morning (June 5) and it was 48 degrees. I get it just above the Broadway Bridge, which is along the tubing stretch. When I was surfing Monday I saw a couple of rafters going by. The river flow was 802 cfs, which is a moderate tubing and rafting flow. The main issue floating this time of the year is the river temperature. If you spend much time in the cold water, it could be dangerous.

One thing about it, if I would have flipped on the Weir’s wave, I would have had instant rescue.

See a short video of the river-rescue practice HERE


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