Zimo’s official Boise River temp: 56 degrees

photo-2Wow, the temperature has warmed up a few degrees since last week. It’s so surprising that the Boise River can run so cold in the summer but that’s the way it is when the water’s coming from the bottom of Lucky Peak Dam where the water is really cold.

The river is flowing about 750 cfs, which is a nice mellow flow. It’s a little bumpy over the diversions so pick the best route.

While surfing the Weir near Warm Springs Golf Course in my canoe the other day, I noticed that a lot of tubers go down the left side (looking downstream) of the third diversion. That’s the wrong route.  One guy really hurt his arm as he got dropped right on the shallow, rocky edge of the diversion.

The best route of the third diversion is just right of center. There’s a nice green wave. You can see it coming. It’s a nice splashy route.

When floating the Boise River you need to be in control of your tube, raft or canoe or you can get into trouble. Just some grandfatherly advice.


Photo of the log garden near Municipal Park – Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

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