Zimo’s gear: lightweight grill for camping


For those who like to grill food on the trail but don’t like the weight of traditional grills, here’s a cool item.

The titanium Summit grill from SlatGrills is 23 ounces and gives you the option of grilling food at camp, whether you use it on a traditional camp stove with any commercial fuel — white gas, propane or butane, alcohol, gel, or with charcoal, wood or even pinecones.

By focusing heat and protecting the fire from wind, the Summit speeds up cooking and reduces fuel use.

What’s amazing is that it folds up to just 4 x 9 inches, which isn’t much larger than a paperback book. It’s also less than an inch thick in its carrying case it slips easily into a side pocket of a backpack.
Pots and pans fit on the grill. It can also be used for grilling steaks, fish and other foods.

It comes with lightweight lifting chains for moving the grill on or off that fire or hanging it above a fire. Optional coupling clips can raise the grill up off the ground or be used to attach two SlatGrills to create a double-high or double-wide cook surface.

SlatGrills Scout and Summit models are available on the web HERE
The 1.4-pound titanium Summit costs $199.95; the 2.8-pound stainless steel Scout costs $89.95.
Photo provided by Slatgrills.

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