Zimo’s gear: Critter cam close ups

deerAs you know, one of my hobbies is working with a remote wildlife camera.

I’ve had one for years and had to replace one camera that just plain wore out.

The new Moultrie camera is working well and the night photos are wild.

In fact, I’ve got it set up on a tripod for stability and the deer don’t seem to mind.

This young buck – I know it’s a buck in velvet because I got shots that were further away from the camera – just couldn’t resist looking in the lens of the camera. I was wondering if it saw its reflection.

Anyway, wildlife cameras, or scouting-for-game cameras as they are also called, can be an incredible hobby. Mine is a Moultrie C-80 priced at $159.99 at Cabela’s

Have fun.

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