Zimo’s Boise River Temp: 48 degrees

surfBarber Park’s tubes and raft rentals facility opens Friday, June 14, an early opening for the summer season.

I’ve been getting the temperature of the Boise River for the past few weeks and it has only kept up from 42 to 48 degrees. I took the temperature Wednesday at the little sandy beach just upstream from the Ram at the Broadway Bridge.

I stop there while cycling to work.

Believe me, 48 degrees is pretty chilly. I can’t imagine going from Barber Park to Ann Morrison Park on a tube with my rump in the water. Those who want to float the river should think about renting a raft and staying above the water line.

One note of caution: There are some stumps in the river at a few places and with the lower water, the West ParkCenter Bridge area takes a little maneuvering in small riffles.

The tube and raft rentals, operated by Epley’s, hasn’t opened until July in past years because of higher flows. The lower snowpack in the Boise River Basin has resulted in lower river flows this summer and an earlier float season. For details on Epley’s, look HERE

But the water is still COLD!!!!!

Photo: Zimo surfing the Weir just above Warm Springs Golf Course.


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