Community Blog: Lunch with Hamburger Jeff

Yo, Adrian! It’s me, Rocko

On the menu: H.J. took Rocko to Ben’s Crow Inn for a cheeseburger and fries with homemade ranch dressing

Notable: Rocko was in favor of eating anything dipped in ranch dressing!

H.J. enjoyed lunch on the patio with Rocko. It was hot so Rocko took refuge under the table for a while. Every time the waitress came out Rocko would sit politely and wag his tail and try to charm her with his big brown eyes! The look on Rocko’s face when he discovered ranch was priceless. His eyes grew big and he licked and licked until all the creamy white ranch was all over his face! After Rocko finished his lunch a senior gentleman sat at the table behind him and Rocko took the opportunity to sneak up next to him and dropped a tennis ball in his lap! The gentleman got a kick out of Rocko and was happy to engage him by throwing the ball!

After lunch H.J. took Rocco out to Lucky Peak to beat the heat and play in the water. They had to hike down a big hill and Rocco stopped and whined like he’d never been hiking before. H.J. said, “come on you big baby!” and Rocco followed. Rocco was a bit unsure of the water but was happy to run around the shore line getting his feet wet. He had fun dropping the ball watching it roll into the water then he’d pounce on it and drop it again!

More info on Rocko from the Idaho Humane Society
Rocko – Mastiff Mix – Neutered Male – 12 months old – 74 lbs.
This is a happy, cheerful guy who will need some consistent guidance. He will train easily using treats and toys. Due to his size, he would be best in a home with adults or older children. He is very affectionate, and with a firm and gentle owner, he would be a wonderful addition to the family!

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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