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Hello, Idaho.

The poet Robert Frost, who often wrote in the regimented style of metered verse with rhymes no less, was fond of dissing free-verse poetry as “playing tennis without a net.”

We agree it is an extra challenge to get one’s point across in a structured format. So, we invite you to partake in our #Twitorial challenge contest. If you have opinions and you’ve got @Twitter account – or even if you don’t – we hope you will play along, weigh in and create editorial viewpoints in the very limited space of a tweet.

Staying within the 140-character limit format – minus the 10 characters for the hashtag label #Twitorial – you’ve got exactly 130 characters to opine on something. Choose any subject and use any and all Twitter jargon and shortcuts. We look forward to seeing what topics you pick and how you get your opinion across in the Twittersphere.

Since we’ve never done this before – and we gather you haven’t, either – we will have to follow some convention:

  • If you are going to participate and you haven’t followed me already, please do so at @IDS_HelloIdaho
  • Once you’ve followed me, I can then follow you and we can communicate via Direct Message. If we love your #Twitorial and want to include it among our #Twitorial All-Stars, then we can contact you.
  • Lest you think this is much ado about nothing, we are working to acquire Idaho Shakespeare Festival tickets to award some of the authors of our favorite #Twitorials.
  • You don’t have to live in Idaho to participate, but let us know in a Direct Message if you are a resident. If we get enough entries we will have an All-Idaho division and an Outside-Idaho division.
  • Your participation gives us the right to reproduce your #Twitorials in print and on all other online and social media platforms.

Ready to get going? Just go to Twitter or visit this link:


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