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A wren, a bear and a tri-tip sandwich

Hamburger Jeff’s latest lunch date: timid pitbull named Wren.

On the menu: Miss Wren enjoyed a tri-tip steak sandwich at the Black Bear Diner in Boise.

More about Wren from Jenn Graham, animal advocate:

Timid little Wren is still getting used to her new (and loud) shelter surroundings. She becomes more confident when accompanied by a person and will stay close by, sometimes even leaning against “her human” until she scopes out the area. Once she opens up, her inner puppy spills out. This young dog (not yet two years old) loves to chase balls, throw her toys in the air, and will even play with her dog biscuit for 5 minutes before eating it. Wren, who is listed as an American Pit Bull mix, shows signs of knowing the command for “sit” and isn’t difficult to handle on a leash. Wren is incredibly sweet and would make a great family pet in a forever home. When meeting Wren, be sure to hide a dog biscuit in your coat pocket. Once her shyness wears off, she can be a little sneak!

Wren is available at the Canyon County Animal Shelter. What a beauty.

photo 1


Wren at lunch:

photo 2

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