Wow! Tough year for the Middle Fork of the Salmon River: mudslides, bears, bees, rabid bats and diarrhea

After reading this from the Salmon/Challis National Forest on Friday, Sept. 6, I’m half expecting a sharknado alert to come next. “The river is blocked by debris flow just below Sheepeater Hot Springs. Boundary Creek Launches are not being allowed at this time…. The river is still down-cutting through the debris and there are trees blocking the channel. Portage options would likely require a complete de-rig. There have also been reports of more slides along the Salmon River Road, but no details yet. The power is out at North Fork and parts of Salmon.”

If a mudslide wasn’t enough, Forest officials go on to say “Boaters have reported some trip participants having vomiting and diarrhea during their river trip.” Then piled on with “Yellowjackets and bees are out in force…. Watch for bears as they increase their foraging,” and “Rabid bats have been documented in the river corridor.”

But here’s the irony. Any river runner worth his (or her) salt would probably launch tomorrow if they could. It takes a lot to discourage river runners from one of the West’s most classic river trips. I bet there’s no drop in applicants for next year’s permits. Any takers?

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