Wives with stay-at-home spouses must read this book

deargodheshomeDear God, He’s Home!: A Woman’s Guide to Her Stay-at-Home Man
by Janet Thompson
New Hope Publishers, 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1596693647
Paperback: $13.43/ eBook: $7.69

Publisher Synopsis: What do you do when your husband calls and says he’s lost his job … when he’s has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s or will your routine ever get back to normal now that your loving husband who has been deployed for 12 months is now suddenly back at home?
Dear God, He’s Home! is a practical, honest look at how women can deal with a spouse—regardless of the reason—who is forced to become a stay-at-home man. Husbands across the country are experiencing life changes and are being forced home for multiple reasons including health changes, job loss, end of military deployment, and other factors. Their wives are being forced to deal with these changes, too, and the combination of stresses can take its toll on a marriage.

My Take: It would be hard to find a more timely book than this one by Janet Thompson. Changes in our economy have found men with established careers suddenly unemployed and needing to re-invent their lives. When men find themselves at home for a multitude of reasons other than retirement, it brings a new dynamic to a marriage.
Janet Thompson has written a book addressing the issues couples must face in order to work through this difficult period and come out with a stronger marriage. She speaks from experience as her husband found his management career ended with 30 minutes notice. Then his second career ended just as abruptly four years later. She understands how couples cope is pivotal to the health of their marriage, and has written a practical manual. Her writing style is friend-to-friend and full of hope for the time of life you’re in.

Janet has worksheets for dealing with new areas of management – Who will cook? Do the finances? — plus discussion questions with room for you to write your answers to help deal with the emotions that occur during this change and journaling sections. Her practical encouraging book makes you hopeful for your new future with your husband.

My Rating: 5 of out 5. If you know someone dealing with this change in their lives, suggest this book as a lifesaver to their sanity and marriage. They will thank you for it.

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