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Without A Trace

On the menu: Hamburger Jeff took Trace to West Side Drive Inn to enjoy a cheese burger and French fries.

Notable: Trace loved the fry sauce but was happy to eat the French fries with or without it!

Trace started her day off by participating in dog playgroups at the Idaho Humane Society. She was friendly with all the dogs she met. She ran zoomies, wrestled, and played catch me if you can with a lab named Buddy. After playgroups it was time for lunch. Trace’s friend, a pit bull named Pete was invited to tag along by Hamburger Jeff. Trace jumped right in the truck and was excited to be going somewhere. Pete is a floor board rider so Trace got the backseat all to herself and she wasted no time stretching out and making herself comfortable. Trace recently graduated from the IDAPI (Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho). She was happy to show off her commands for each bite of lunch. She would sit, shake, high five, sit pretty, and lay down when asked. She was happy to share her meal with Pete and would sit politely when it was his turn to get a nibble. Trace attracted quite a bit of attention as it was a busy day at West Side Drive Inn. Most people commented on her beauty and wanted to know what her breed was. The shelter isn’t entirely sure what her breed is but they have labeled her as a pit bull mix. When Trace got back in the truck after lunch she climbed right up on the console and sat there like she was the queen bee. Then she proceeded to cover HJ’s face in kisses as if to say thank you for lunch!

After lunch HJ took Trace to Camels Back Park to enjoy a walk on the trail. Driving down 13th Trace had her head out the back window and was enjoying the wind in her face. It was a busy day at the park people and kids everywhere but Trace didn’t seem to mind. She was eager climb the big hill and to sniff all the foliage along the trail. She was very politely when passing kids on the trail. Trace is an amazing girl with so much to offer. HJ can’t figure out why she didn’t have an applicant waiting for her on her graduation day. She’s on the adoption floor at the Idaho Humane Society if your looking for a sweet dog I would encourage you to visit her.

Video of Trace eating French fries

Video: Trace & Buddy play catch me if you can!

Trace demonstrating her down stay at Graduation

Trace demonstrating the HEEL command at IDAPI Graduation

More info on Trace from the Idaho Humane Society: Click here for more info
Trace is a beautiful grey (called blue in the dog world) and tan Pit bull terrier mix (we think), female dog that weigh 55-lbs. and has a short, easy care coat of fur. She loves to play with toys and Nylabones and is always up for a good game of run and play with humans and with other respectful dogs. She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball and she works very well when treats are involved as a reward. She is described as very affectionate and loving and will easily cuddle with you if given the chance. Trace is smart, agile and athletic and would benefit greatly from an owner will challenge her both mentally and physically and an owner that runs or bicycles would be perfect for this physically fit girl. Trace is not a dog that needs to live outside as she has a very short coat of fur and is an excellent indoor companion as she is very well housetrained and crate trained. Although she has lived with older children, she can play with exuberance when she gets excited so rough play styles are discouraged and she is not recommended for small children. She is described as a fantastic dog that is sweet, and funny with people but needs a cat free home and an owner that will continue exercising and training her.

Trace recently graduated from the Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (IDAPI Program) where she lived with and was trained by inmates at one of the Idaho correctional centers. During this two-month period, the dogs live with the inmates in a prison setting and are trained daily in basic obedience. They are also house, leash and crate trained. The dogs are frequently taught a number of fun tricks such as shake with both paws, bow, spin, speak, sit up, crawl, wave and many times can also perform some agility commands. They also learn to be good indoor companions while at the same time, they get to interact, play and bond with the other dogs in the program. At the end of the training period, these dogs are evaluated to make sure that they have been trained to do all of their required commands.

To apply for one of these dogs, you must complete an IDAPI application and, if selected as a potential adopter,you will then be asked to attend a 2-hour workshop where you will  learn the commands that the dog knows and how to work with her. If you are interested in applying for this dog or any dog in the IDAPI program, please contact Dee at the Idaho Humane Society and request an application. The phone number is 208/331-8552 and the e-mail address is: .

*Pete is not a shelter dog, he is NOT available for adoption but he is privileged to participate in playgroups while his mom volunteers to help with the groups.

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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