Winds of Freedom

Rebecca Carey Lyles
Perpedit Publishing, Ink, 2013
Length: 368
Price: $13.96/Paperback; $2.99/eBook
Genre: Inspirational Romance

Publisher Synopsis: Winter storms blast across the Whispering Pines Guest Ranch, and a cold wind blows through Kate Neilson’s soul. Despite her pain, Kate’s well-being takes a backseat to the needs of loved ones: her best friend, who’s been ensnared by evil; her failing great-aunt, whose dementia care keeps Kate guessing; and Laura and Mike Duncan, whose ranch and livelihood are threatened by a land-grabbing neighbor.

My Take: “Winds of Freedom” is the sequel to “Winds of Wyoming,” which I reviewed last year, and continues the story of ex-con turned rancher’s wife, Kate Neilson. Now happily married to her bison rancher husband, she’s reconnected with another ex-con friend who is trying to turn her life around also.

Unfortunately Amy’s story takes a terrifying twist when she an interview for a job turns out to be a front for a human trafficking operation and she is kidnapped. Becky Lyles deftly depicts Amy’s mind-numbing life without being explicit, and how Kate never gives up searching for her friend who has virtually disappeared off the face of the earth.

A multi-faceted story involving Kate searching for Amy, taking care of her great-aunt who has dementia, and grieving over her inability to have children, you will be pulled in from page one. Not only are the characters strong, they are portrayed realistically. For example, once the trafficking ring is busted, one of the girls decides to remain a prostitute, and Kate and Amy don’t try to change her mind or preach at her, they simply offer friendship and help should she ever need it.

If you are not a fan of inspirational fiction, I recommend that you try one of Rebecca Carey Lyles’ books. She is a superb writer, and you will be drawn into her story.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

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