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Will Idaho bump up its school security budget — considerably?

When it comes to keeping schools safe, Idaho’s school districts are “all over the map,” says Matt McCarter of the State Department of Education.

Some districts are better prepared for the unthinkable — and have paid better attention to school security issues. Others lag behind. It isn’t a matter or will or interest, says McCarter, but it is a function of resources and expertise.

Burley Drill
State Bureau of Homeland Security officials headed a security drill at Burley High School in August.

Now, the state wants to provide additional money and support. Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna’s 2014-15 budget would ramp up spending on safe and drug-free schools by nearly $2.4 million — a 647 percent increase. The request comes as the state is putting $100,000 into a task force review of school security issues.

For a closer look at the issue, here’s a link to my story at Idaho Education News.


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