Whisper’s Edge – small town romance

Whisper's Edge
Savannah loves living in Whisper’s Edge and hopes she can continue for years to come. She grew up in foster care and enjoys the feeling of family she gets while being the social director here. She knows it is for sale and hopes for the best when a new owner comes along.
Tristan McMillan is the grandson of Maxwell McMillan, the current owner of Whisper’s Edge, he recently purchased the property from his grandfather and although he has always hated him because of the way he treated Tristan’s mother, he wants to show him that he is a worthy person. Tristan wants to turn a profit on the property, whether it is to sell to another or develop it himself.
When Tristan suffers an embarrassing encounter at Whisper’s Edge the residents assume he is here to save their community. Little do they know that he has plans in his office showing what possibilities the area could have.
Savannah and Tristan immediately are attracted to each other and as they enjoy their time together, no one realizes that Tristan is keeping a secret that could change the way Savannah and all the quirky residents live.
This is a very cute and fun story that I enjoyed from beginning to end. It is a light hearted romance that does not take itself too seriously. The residents of the community that take Savannah in and treat her like their granddaughter are fun with many laugh-out loud moments. I enjoyed Savannah’s friend and boss Kate who also had a romantic story as her relationship with Ben, a widow who is just starting to feel again becomes a reality.
All in all a wonderful romance for those that love small towns with quirky residents and fun communities.

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