Whew! Winter workouts are complete

I don’t want to bore you all with my life, but I set some fitness goals back in December and shared them for the simple reason it holds me accountable. I figure I should share the results, good and bad. My goal was to move 125 miles each month during January, February and March. I say move because it can be hiking, dog walking, riding, riding on a stationary bike, treadmill, whatever. It just had to be recordable.

March was a good month for bike riding. I logged 139 miles in 18 trips. Twelve rides were done commuting (that really stacked up the miles), I went on five mountain bike rides, and one hike. My shortest trip was 1.4 miles, my longest 25 miles. Here’s what jumps out at me: I spent less than 12 hours doing it. Divided over 31 days, that’s an average of about 24 minutes per day. Not much when you think about it, but a little really adds up.

February was awful. Don’t even know how much I did, but it wasn’t much, maybe 20 miles. Pick the excuse: too sick, too busy, bad weather, snowboarding… they’re all true, but still lame excuses. Fail!

January I got my 125 at the wire by a variety of modes. So I book-ended a bad February with two good months of meeting my goal.

Someone asked me what’s next. Here’s the irony. Nothing. I don’t like to get lazy and out of shape during winter. When spring comes, I want to be ready, and now I am.

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