Community Blog: Lunch with Hamburger Jeff

Where’s the beef

On the menu: H.J. took Shannon to Boise Fry Co. (located in Bown Crossing) for a cheeseburger and French fries

Notable: Of all the dogs H.J. has taken to lunch Shannon is the first that tried to launch herself right onto the table to get to the burger

H.J. and Shannon enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio. While waiting Shannon was happy to be in Jeff’s lap for snuggle time. Once the food was delivered to the table Shannon was beside her self. She smelled that beef patty and her eyes lit up with excitement! It was all H.J. could do to hold her back while he got it ready for her. She gobbled it right up and was searching for more. French fries were no interest to her so H.J. shared his burger with her. She didn’t care for lettuce but approved of everything else. She was eager to meet other diners on the patio.

After lunch H.J. took Shannon to Habitat Veterinary to say hello. She was greeted with open arms by the staff and Shannon was more than happy to give hugs! Once she made her rounds in the clinic she was off to the river for a walk. She was happy to walk in the river to cool off and get a drink. She walked nicely on the leash and was eager to sniff the plants and trees. H.J. says, “It’s hard to believe she was living on a chain in a neglectful situation 6 weeks ago. You’d never know where she came from she is just the sweetest dog and has so much love to share.” After a long walk she was content to curl up in the car for a nap but she did nuzzle her way in to Jeff’s lap on the way back to the shelter.

More about Shannon from Idaho Humane Society

Shannon is a wiggly, love bug. She enjoys touch and is super affectionate with people. She is also one of the smaller females and a bit older at 5yrs but still has plenty of energy. Shannon is really a snuggle bug and will take any opportunity given to her to sit in your lap. She’s always happy to see other dogs and is learning how to play. She has gotten along with dogs of all sizes and done well with introductions to the shelter cat. Shannon is currently in a foster home in Twin Falls. She is living with 2 other dogs and is discovering what it’s like to be a family member! While at the shelter she was able to participate in play groups. She didn’t really play but was eager to greet other dogs and bounce around. Please call Jenn for more info at 208-866-1629

Shannon is one the pit bulls rescued from Oneida County. If you are possibly interested in adopting Shannon or any of the other Oneida dogs, please fill out an adoption application online or call Jenn with questions at 208-866-1629. The Oneida dog adoption fees will be $150 and will require an adoption application, home visit, pre-adoption class, and the owners will be required to attend a positive-based obedience class (included in adoption fee) with their new dogs to get them off to the best start possible.

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