What happened to Northwest ChiliFest?


You know that cushion-vibrating noise caused by ingesting too many beans? So far, that’s the soundtrack to Northwest ChiliFest, which was hyped at Boisechilifest.com all the way up to the day it was supposed to start Aug. 8.

Until the website suddenly was updated, information there said it was happening Aug. 8-10, 2013, at Meridian’s Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park, including “50 amateur chili enthusiasts competing for cash prizes totalling $10,000,” along with concerts by ’80s hair band Warrant and country singer Collin Raye. (Newsflash: Warrant frontman Jani Lane died of alcohol poisoning in 2011.)

ChiliFest was cooked up by one of the players behind last month’s much-maligned Northwest RibFest, which got tossed out of Kleiner Park and wound up taking place at the Idaho Center Amphitheater in Nampa.

“The organizers of (Northwest ChiliFest) pulled their permit after the City Council denied the temporary use permit for RibFest,” explained City of Meridian Communications Manager Natalie Podgorski via email.

But wait! Northwest ChiliFest still might be simmering. The website now says the event has been “postponed” and that “new details will be available soon.” I’m told that the Idaho Center Amphitheater has penciled in Oct. 4-5 as “hold dates” for a rescheduled ChiliFest, so we’ll see what happens.

Pass the Beano.

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