Weather is perfect for mountain biking in the Foothills

Spring MTB
Photo by Roger Phillips
Every sport has its prime season, and it’s now if you’re a mountain biker. Trails are in great shape – dry, but not dusty. Firm and traction is good, but with occasional patches of sand and loose soil that will keep you on your toes when you’re riding.

But what really makes it great is the weather. Even with a brisk wind, I love riding when the temperature is in the 60s. It’s like having an extra gear. I pedal at a brisk pace to keep the body heat flowing, and the miles just whisk by. I’m never too hot, or too cold.

Spring is also the most beautiful time to be in the Foothills. The grass is green, the yellow arrowleaf balsam root is blooming (and that exhausts my Foothills plant identification), and the mountains are still capped with snow.

If your bike is still sitting in the garage, you’re missing out. Get out and ride it. Those climbs in the Foothills haven’t gotten any flatter, but work those legs. You may feel a little sore in the morning, but it’s a small price to pay for fresh air, beautiful scenery, and a healthy dose of camaraderie with your fellow cyclists and other trail users.

If you’re looking for some places to ride, here are five spring classics from our bike guide HERE.

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