Waves at Boise whitewater park are lackluster, but should change tomorrow

Wave 1
Wave 2
Photos by Roger Phillips
I was excited to see how the waves at the park would look at 1,800 cfs. When I rode by this morning to check them out, to put it politely, I was underwhelmed. How could we have more water and smaller waves? They looked fine for beginners, but this isn’t exactly beginner-friendly conditions with frigid water and high water. I was hoping for big waves that would let the big-boys (and girls) shred the froth and put on a good show for the people hanging out at the park.

I contacted Amy Stahl at Boise Parks and Recreation to find out what’s up since the waves weren’t. She said on Tuesday they will change one of the wave shapers to improve the waves, or wave. They’ve done work on one of the shapers and want the cement to cure. So if you checked it out Monday and were wondering what the heck? There’s your answer.

I will swing by tomorrow and shoot more photos, maybe even shoot a video. I know boaters and surfers are ready to go. I saw some out earlier when the river was still flowing 300.

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