Wave Shaper improvements under way at Boise River Park

waveSurf’s not up, yet. Construction crews have started work on Wave Shaper Three on the diversion at the Boise River Park to improve wave-making capabilities on the river during normal summer flows.

The modifications are being made to make it more flexible to create surfing waves or holes (at lower flows), said Paul Schoenfelder, recreation manager for Boise Parks and Recreation.

Work will continue through the weekend and into next week and no surfing features will be at the park, Schoenfelder said.

The wave shapers at the diversion work well at high water but much of that high water didn’t materialize last year on the river.

What is needed is more flexibility during lower flows, like the normal flows in summer for irrigation.

Cement structures are being added to the chute to pinch the flows more going through Wave Shaper 3 to created more desired waves and holes, he said.

Crews are in a race against time. Flows are expected to increase on the Boise River as irrigation water is being started in canals this week.

Boaters and other can follow updates at the river park on the Boise River Park Facebook page. The city also plans in the near future to put a bulletin board on the Boise side of the river park with updates on flows and other activities at the park.

Above photo:  Crews working at the park by Roger Phillips/Idaho Statesman

Below: Last summer’s action-packed Boise River Park:

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