Watch a video tour of the Boise State football program’s new home, interview with Jay Ajayi

Bleymaier Football Center from Bronco Video on Vimeo.

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State on Thursday released a video tour of the Bleymaier Football Center. The school has not allowed a public or media tour of the building yet, so this is the most extensive look inside the $22 million complex that opened last summer. The video is above.


Boise State junior tailback Jay Ajayi met with the media today. The 10-minute interview covered a variety of topics, including why he’s jealous of the recruits being brought in for official visits this month.

Ajayi was named a player to watch in 2014 by the Touchdown Club of Columbus (Ohio). He’ll go to the club’s banquet next week.

The video is below. Here are some highlights:

— On 2014: “Every day in workouts I’m trying to be the best in the country. If it’s a lift or a run, I’m just trying to be the best and win the drill. So my mindset this spring has been I’m very motivated and I want to have a really great year this year.”

— He said he’ll work on finishing runs, extending his shorter runs and pass protection this spring.

— On recruiting: “Luckily enough, I’ve been hosting some of the recruits and witnessing just the charisma of our coaches and how they’re drawing the recruits in. I kind of get a little jealous thinking when I was getting recruited and how different it is now. You’ve got the coaches jumping around and getting them excited to get to the Blue and they’ve got them on the field watching highlights. They’re doing a great job and it shows when you look at the recruits they’re bringing in.”

— On the atmosphere: “It’s like a new jolt of energy that’s come into the facility. Everyone is excited to get back to the way Bronco football is supposed to look, and that’s winning football games. We’re excited and we can’t wait till we get the football pads going.”

— On strength coach Jeff Pitman’s workouts: “He’s hard. They told us when he was coming in, some of the older guys, they told us, ‘Man, Coach Pit, he don’t play.’ But it’s been great. It’s harder and everybody’s pushing each other and everybody is motivating each other … because it’s way harder than what we’ve done before.”

— On coach Bryan Harsin allowing players on Twitter: “(He said), ‘I’m giving you guys this responsibility and it’s up to you guys if you’re going to abuse it or if you’re going to use it wisely. And basically he was making sure we understand we’ve got to pause before we press send and just think about what you’re about to post because at the end of the day it’s a screen shot away from being viral news.”

— Running backs coach Kent Riddle spoke to Ajayi several times during the winter break to start building a relationship. Riddle even plans to meet Ajayi’s family while he’s out recruiting: “He’s made a really great effort to try to have a great relationship with me and a great relationship with my family. … I was happy to hear that he wanted to do that and I know I’m going to have a great relationship with Coach Rid and he’s coached some great running backs here at Boise State and I’m just excited to be one of them.”

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Chadd Cripe has spent the past 12 years as the Boise State football beat writer. You can follow him on Twitter @IDS_BroncoBeat.

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