Wasden discusses court cases, including issues that could surface in defense of gay marriage ban

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden visited with the Idaho Statesman Editorial Board Tuesday and covered a lot of ground on issues ranging from gay marriage to prisons to the St. Lukes/St. Al’s lawsuit, Land Board history and many issues looming on the horizon.

Wasden, now in his third term as AG, faces Eagle attorney Chris Troupis in the May 20 Republican primary. Tuesday, though, he spoke from his “official” side as we asked about the status of various matters his office may soon become engaged.

He is named in a lawsuit against the State of Idaho over the so-called Ag-Gag Bill (SB 1337), which is now in force and which ups the ante of punishment for anyone who would trespass at any agribusiness and attempt to film anything — presumably footage of animal abuse or mishandling.

He called the Ag-Gag and Guns on Campus (SB 1254) bills — both passed in the just concluded Legislature — “defensible,” though the latter has not yet attracted any litigation.

When the discussion turned to capabilities and resources with which he would defend Idaho’s ban on gay marriages — the Idaho Constitution says marriage is between a man and a woman — he was asked how the 10th Amendment, which is all about state’s rights, and portions of the 14th Amendment would play into the U.S. Supreme Court’s considerations if it decided to hear cases related to Idaho, Utah and Michigan (among others) where a gay marriage ban has been challenged.

Following is his answer:

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