WARNING PG-13 image inside: Win a pair of new breasts on Fat Tuesday in Boise

Update: The Huffington Post also picked up on my column.

From my Feb. 8 column in Scene:

If you’ve ever partied on Sixth and Main during Fat Tuesday, you know that Mardi Gras is alive and well in Downtown Boise.
No, Main Street ain’t Bourbon Street. But the bars do attract revelers who crave beer, blaring music and the traditional exchange of shiny trinkets for flesh flashing.
Yet Fat Tuesday in Boise has always been missing something.
Fortunately, Ted Challenger — who owns Main Street Bistro, China Blue and Dirty Little Roddy’s — knows just what that is.
Fake boobs.
Consequently, a lucky lady will win a perky new set of surgically enhanced breasts as a door prize at his bars Feb. 12.
Boise desperately needs more silicone and saline, right?
“We’re just trying to put some fun back into Mardi Gras,” Challenger explains. “It’s basically a gift certificate to any surgeon of your choice for $3,000 for a breast augmentation.”
Three grand? Is that all it costs? I envision a woman in Tijuana getting old gym socks stuffed up her chest.

Here’s the flier from China Blue’s Facebook page:


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