Volunteers improve Lake Lowell and Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge

We write about these events before they happen so people can participate, which means we rarely do follow ups. But we got this release from the Deer Flat folks, and kudos to the volunteers for their efforts.

“Over 70 volunteers cleaned up the shores of Lake Lowell on Saturday, April 20 to participate in this year’s Earth Day Work Day. Volunteers collected 25 bags of litter to protect wildlife from eating or being trapped in litter and to improve the cleanliness of Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge for visitors. They also removed over 1,500 white bryony and 100 poison hemlock plants. These noxious weeds often out-compete native plants that wildlife depend on for food and cover. The final crew improved wildlife-friendly landscaping around the Visitor Center. After completing their hard work, volunteers enjoyed a pizza lunch provided by the Friends of Deer Flat Wildlife Refuge and Spot Pizza in Marsing.”

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