Veterans Trail closed due to misuse, Ridge to Rivers reports

I wrote about problems with this trail in the past, which included people walking on muddy trails, letting dogs roam free, and disrespecting the cemetery that’s near the trail. Well, looks like we now have a worst-case scenario. This was posted on the Ridge to Rivers Facebook page: “The Idaho State Veterans Cemetery has closed Veterans Trail #114 due to misuse, i.e. dogs off leash, off- trail travel, and unauthorized motorized use… Please respect this closer. Big Springs Loop, REI Connection and Rabbit Run are still accessible from Big Springs BLVD and the Eagle Sports Complex Trails.
This is all the information we have at this time. If you have any questions contact the Idaho Veterans Cemetery. We will continue to look at collaborative solutions for this issue.”

Hopefully the trail will be reopened, but people need to remember that trail rules are not suggestions, and there are consequences for misuse.

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