Update on conditions at Salmon River at Riggins

Salmon jet

Photo by Roger Phillips

Here’s some current information from Amy Sinclair at Exodus Wilderness Adventures in Riggins:

February 13: all ice downriver of Riggins has dropped out and the river is completely open. Downriver fishing is off the charts good. Our guests had a fabulous day of fishing yesterday hooking into 10 fish and landing 7; lots of big natives! 

Upriver the first ice bridge is at Peace Wave and is rotten, if weather stays warm and wet this will be gone in a few days. The next ice bridge was at the Y Hole and it too was close to dropping out however rumor is after I drove back to town a local jet boat operator broke this ice bridge out opening the river above the Y Hole. The next bridge above the Y Hole is at Twin Beaches; AKA Howard Hole and is also rotten, again if the weather cooperates this too should be gone in a few days. Unfortunately the bridges above Twin Beaches are long, big and thick and have not begun to rot and will probably keep the river access closed for a while longer without some assistance.

Upriver open ramps are: Short’s Bar, Island Bar and Spring Bar however float boaters be aware you could not go in at Spring Bar and float down to Island Bar to take out because of the ice bridge at Peace Wave.

I did not go further upriver than the French Creek Hot Springs so I can not tell you if Carey Creek or Vinegar Creek ramps are open as the Salmon River Road above French Creek is extremely treacherous. There is ice on the road above the Manning Crevice Bridge along with several rock slides (not closing the road) but above French Creek the road looks more like an ice skating rink than a road and is really slick. It down right scared me and the rocks were tumbling across the road to make for a white knuckled drive until I could find a place that I dared to do an eight point turn around on.

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