Trey McIntyre gives a high five

Check out choreographer Trey McIntyre’s latest artistic project, “High Five,” a very serious mocumentary about the art of the high five.

It’s part of a new micro fundraising effort by the Trey McIntyre Project where you can sign up to give $5 (or more) each month to the company. It’s also part of the company’s fifth anniversary celebration.

It’s very funny watching McIntyre parody himself as a creative force, trying to create the perfect high five in rehearsal with dancers Channel DaSilva and Elizabeth Keller (who is fluent in American Sign Language).

There are some great and very clever lines. Here’s one of my favorites:

“Sometimes there’s a even danger that we’ll get to the show and there won’t even be a dance step to perform. I think if you’re an audience member, you should just come to expect that.”


Learn more about the Trey McIntyre Project and watch “The Making of High Five.”


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