Trails update: Lower Foothills fair to good, Avimor not ready yet

Photo by Roger Phillips. File photo, not current conditions.

David Gordon of Ridge to Rivers said Monday, Feb. 24 that Foothills trails are “in better shape than most of us would think, not great, but drying quickly.” He said people should avoid Fat Tire Trail because it’s still muddy.

Trails at Avimor aren’t ready for people yet, according to Marc Grubert at Avimor: “It’s still a challenge to put loops together due to long muddy sections. The shady sections of the trails and canyons are very sloppy and several days away from drying out.”

Wet weather is in the forecast so conditions can change quickly, but avoid the bad routes and you should be able to enjoy many of the of the lower Foothills trails. You can get current trail conditions HERE.

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