Tough steelhead season gets tougher, Clearwater gets smaller bag limits

A small steelhead run, particularly a small number of the Clearwater’s prized “B” run fish, prompted Idaho Fish and Game to reduce daily bag limit to one per day and possession limit to two fish on steelhead harvested in part of the Clearwater River drainage during the fall and spring seasons. The change takes effect Tuesday October 15, which is the opening of the harvest season. Also, in the North Fork Clearwater River and the mainstem Clearwater River downstream of the Orofino bridge, only steelhead 28 inches or less in total length may be kept.

The overall return of steelhead to the Clearwater River drainage is less than forecast and numbers of large steelhead in the 2013-14 return to the Dworshak Hatchery are lower than anticipated. Harvest must be curtailed to ensure enough fish return to the hatchery to replenish it, Fish and Game officials said.

The harvest season already is open on the Snake, Salmon and Little Salmon rivers, and limits on those waters have not changed. For complete steelhead rules, see the 2013 fishing rules and seasons brochure at all license vendors, Fish and Game offices or go HERE.

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