Community Blog: Lunch with Hamburger Jeff

Touchdown for Nola

On Super Bowl Sunday Nola was the lucky dog chosen to go to lunch with Hamburger Jeff. She started her day by participating in playgroups. Nola loves to run and wrestle with friends! After playgroups Nola spent some time in the real life room at the shelter for a football photo shoot. She was happy to put on a Jersey and pose but she wasn’t sure what to think about the hat! click here for video of Nola playing

What is a real-life room? So glad you asked, our real-life room was the brain child of Dee Dee the IHS Kennel Manager. After receiving a group of dogs that we knew had never been in a home environment before she decided to convert a small structure into a quiet and comforting place with a homey feel so that shelter dogs could have a place to spend time with staff and volunteers away from the stress of the kennels. The Real Life Room can be used to help staff assess the familiarity strays have with living in a home, and can familiarize and remind dogs how to live with furniture, a TV, a doggy door etc.

Hamburger Jeff took Nola to the Westside Drive In for a Lassie Patty with cheese and a side of tater tots. The gals at the order window gave her a warm welcome and asked if they could make her a special ice cream treat with a dog biscuit on top. Nola was more than happy to start with dessert! Jeff and Nola took shelter in the heated tent to escape the cold wind outside and she dove right in to her ice cream treat. She was equally enthusiastic about her lassie patty and tater tots. At Westside every meal comes with a fortune cookie and Nola’s fortune said, “You will receive a great honor soon!” Were hoping that means she will find a forever home in the near future. Video of Nola enjoying her ice cream treat

After lunch Hamburger Jeff took Nola to Petco to sniff around and socialize but the store was pretty quiet due to the fact it was Super Bowl Sunday. Nola was eager to sniff up and down every isle looking for treats that might have been dropped on the floor. She was great in the car, she likes to watch out the window.

Nola has been at the shelter since the end of September and we can’t seem to figure out why. She has so much to offer she’s beautiful, friendly, and full of love. Click here to see Nola’s website profile

*Thanks to Shannon White of Shannon White Dog Training for letting Nola borrow her football jersey and a few other items. Shannon is hoping that by letting Nola wear her jersey that it might bring her team some luck next year!

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