TMP’s Studio Series is a hot ticket — if you can get one

When choreographer Trey McIntyre decided to do a series of intimate engagement performances called the Studio Series at his TMP Headquarters he had no idea how fun it would be for himself, the dancers and the audience.

There’s nothing like watching sweat bead up on a dancer’s brown to give you a new appreciation for what they do.

It’s truly a special way to experience dance, with special behind-the-scenes atmosphere that offers you a glimpse of the creative process that fuels this contemporary dance company.

There are some quirky pieces from McIntyre’s past, a chance to watch him create an original ballet to an original piece of music by Boise’s fabulous Grandma Kelsey, a preview of “Vinegar Works,” a new piece inspired by the macabre illustrations and stories of Edward Gorey and a highlight from “Mercury Half-life,” McIntyre’s epic ballet to the music of Queen.

Saturday’s matinee and evening performances were both sold out. The added another at 2 p.m. Dec. 8. There are a few tickets available for that and for Dec. 14 show at 2 and 8 p.m., but just a few.  (There is discussion about adding another on evening next week. Tickets are $25 at

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