Community Blog: Lunch with Hamburger Jeff

Tiffy & Co

On the menu: H.J. took this brindle beauty to Goodwood for a Philly cheese steak sandwich with a side of fries

After Lunch: Tiffy enjoyed a walk through Ann Morrison Park. “Tiffy is such a good girl on the leash,” said H.J. “she’s affectionate and loved the car ride.”

More about Tiffy from Canyon County Animal Shelter:
Tiffy’s head resembles a giant melon with eyes. For all of you bully breed lovers out there, you know this means ADORABLE (or adoraBULL). Tiffy came to the shelter with Junior, who may or may not be Tiffy’s brother. Even if they are unrelated, Tiffy gives off that big sister vibe when she is around Junior. They enjoy playing together, but Tiffy bosses him around a little and probably enjoys breaking his toys and watching him cry. Like Junior, Tiffy is a sweet three-year-old American Pit Bull mix. She has an unbelievably gorgeous brindle coat that a volunteer described as looking like a Bengal tiger. Tiffy is very strong and athletic and will need a healthy dose of exercise in her forever home. A former owner reported Tiffy as being good with kids and said that she has her housetraining down pat. The former owner also said that Tiffy was not good with other dogs, but they may have been speaking of her tendency to “bully”. Shelter staff will be able to better assess whether or not Tiffy and your dog are compatible with a “meet-and-greet”.

Tiffy is available from the CCAS:

Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham




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