Three more groups back Idaho’s new ed standards

More organizations have joined Idahoans for Excellence in Education to support Idaho Core Standards.

They include the Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce, Caldwell Chamber of Commerce and TransForm Idaho, an organization that works to improve education and health care in the state.

Idahoans for Excellence has also launched its own website in support of the new standards, which are rolling out in Idaho schools this year.

“These math and English standards are very important to helping our students prepare for their lives and careers after graduation from high school,” said Robby Robinsion, Mountain Home Chamber president.

Idaho Core Standards are considered to be a more rigorous set of goals for what children will learn than those that have guided the state for a decade.

But they have come under criticism from some parents who believe the core standards represent a federal intrusion into the state’s educational system. Some are asking legislators to rethink their support of the standards, which they gave in 2011.

Sue Philley, president of TransForm, said there is little point in revisiting the standards.

“Schools have spent time and money preparing to implement them,” she said. “It is time now to move forward, to improve the process, to train teachers better and to provide them with better resource materials.”

Twenty-seven organizations representing education and business have come out in support for Idaho Core Standards.

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