There’s plenty to ride and hike without damaging trails

I rode about 30 miles on the mountain bike on Saturday during the beautiful, 55-degree weather. Typically, I don’t like riding a mountain bike on roads, but I knew Foothills trails were going to be muddy no matter how sunny and warm it got. It was by far my longest ride of the year, and heck, it may have been longer than any ride I did last year. But it wasn’t boring. It felt good to be on the bike in warm weather. The paved and gravel roads provided an enjoyable ride.

If you have an itch to get out, find places that won’t be damaged. It takes patience and self discipline, which can be hard to come by when you’re ready to have some fun. There’s nothing wrong with hiking or riding a gravel road this time of year, and there’s always the Greenbelt. Challenge yourself to find a route you’ve never ridden or hiked before. Save our trails for a later date and save yourself from muddy shoes and the embarrassment of being out on a trail when you know you shouldn’t be.

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