Community Blog: Lunch with Hamburger Jeff

The sun is bright but Shady’s always cool

Before lunch: H.J. and Shady stopped by Petco in Meridian to support Auggie a local rescued pit bull in need of surgery (find him on facebook at Run Auggie Run). KTVB was on the scene when Jeff arrived with Shady and Auggie was hamming it up for the camera. Auggie was infatuated with his new friend Shady and was quick to scoot over to greet him. Shady made several friends and was eager to investigate all the activity inside the store.

On the menu: After Petco H.J. treated Shady to lunch at Five Guys. Shady enjoyed a bacon burger and French fries. Shady was willing to work for his lunch by performing all his tricks. In between bites he would sit, shake, speak, and high five!

Notable: Shady loves to stick his head out the window to let his ears fly in the wind (only at slow speeds of course!)

After lunch: H.J. and Shady returned to the Idaho Humane Society to play off leash in the big yard. Shady loves to fetch a tennis ball and will drop it at your feet. After a play session Shady was content to curl up with his ball next to H.J.

More on Shady from I.H.S
Don’t let Shady’s age fool you at almost 10years old this boy has plenty of spunk and will need daily walks. He plays well with other dogs in a neutral setting but wants his home to be his alone. He enjoys playing fetch and likes to jump right into a toy box! Shady will pull on the leash initially but walks nicely when asked to “heel.” He knows many commands such as sit, down, come, stay, and shake. He’s house trained and loves to ride in the car. Shady has been in and out of the shelter system in the last few years and he longs to find that family that will make a lifelong commitment to love him. Anyone that meets Shady is quick to say, “why hasn’t he been adopted he’s such a great dog?” Due to his size and energy level, Shady would be better in a home with children 8 and older. Shady is an American Pit Bull Terrier Mix – Male – 9yrs. 10 mos. – 62 lbs.

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