The Summer He Came Home – A wonderful contemporary romance

Cain Black came home for the worst possible reason; he was attending one of his best friend’s funeral. He had not been home in ten years and he was not sure he wanted to be home now. When he was twenty two he was ready to see the world and leave Crystal Lake and small town living behind, so he packed up his guitar and left without a backward glance.
He is on his way to making it big in music, everyone was talking about him, however as he looked at his friends, family and those that came to the funeral, he was not sure what it was he wanted anymore. Less than twenty-four hours ago he had been on stage in Glasgow with his band BlackRock, however he had also recently got a divorce and punched his partner, Blake on stage after he found out he had slept with his then wife, Natasha, he was ready for a break.
Ten years ago the four best friends were the “bad boys” of Chrystal Lake; they were always after a good time and having fun. He knows it will never be the same, they were burying Jesse Edwards one of the twins, hero to the town who had died in Afghanistan.
Maggie-Grace O’Rourke was hiding in Crystal Lake; a year ago she took her seven year old son, Michael and left her home. She has been cleaning homes for a living and has made some good friends even though she keeps them at arm’s length. Cain and Maggie met at the funeral and seem to be instantly attracted to each other however they both realize that it can only be temporary as he has his career and she does not want to be part of that. Her good friend and the widow of Jesse, Raine tells her: “I worry about him and you, Promise me you’ll let him go because unless you’re willing to walk away from whatever the hell has damaged you, he’ll get hurt” Maggie says they are just having fun, and will not get serious. However things never go as planned and when the photographers come to town and upset the peacefulness and her frame of mind, Maggie is ready to bolt and Cain is in deep.
This book is a great contemporary romance that I enjoyed from start to finish. The characters were fun and engaging; Maggie was sweet, fun and scared for her life as she hides in this small town hoping to never have to see her ex-husband again. The romance was lovely as they enjoyed each other’s company yet still had the heat and spice for any reader to enjoy. Cain was honest from the start on how he was unsure of his future plans, his sights were set on staying until July; however you never can plan on what the heart feels. The secondary characters are very interesting as I think that Mac has quite a story to tell and of course there is something explosive coming between Jake and Raine.
I hope we continue to see more of Maggie and Cain in the rest of the series to see how they juggle a music career and small town life, does he stay with the band and travel, does he take a step back and what of the music he writes – is he able to write the lyrics as well? There are so many questions, and I am excited to read more.

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