An emotional push and pull of a story

Winterblaze (Book 3 in the Darkest London series)

Kristen Callihan


Winterblaze is the third installment of Callihan’s Darkest London series, and with it, she follows the story of the last of the Ellis sisters, Poppy.

Poppy’s story is different from that of Miranda’s (Firelight) and Daisy’s (Moonglow) in that she’s not trying to find love, she’s trying to keep it. At the end of Moonglow, Book 2, Poppy’s husband, Inspector Winston Lane, is attacked by a werewolf and almost killed, left badly mutilated. He finds out about the underground world of the supernatural and that his wife is a large part of it. The story ends with Winston leaving Poppy because she’s lied to him about something so big.

Winterblaze picks up with Winston being gone for over three months, healing and coping with the help of Archer (Firelight) and Ian (Moonglow). Poppy has been trying to go on with her life and running the SOS. But an old evil is following her and is now threatening Winston. Poppy and Win are forced to tolerate each other and spend the rest of the book together in order to thwart a demon after Poppy and Win (and something more important than either of them) and to work together to solve a mystery that will hopefully save their souls and their marriage.

For some reason, this book was a lot harder for me to get through than the other two. I don’t know if it’s because there was a lot more drama in the mix with the push and pull of Poppy and Win’s relationship, or just the nature of the plot, but I found it to be a bit sluggish at times. I did enjoy the tumultuous nature of Poppy and Win’s relationship, though. The reader was put through the emotional ups and downs just as much as the characters were, and I really found myself rooting for them to get back together, for both of them to get over their pride and stubborness. The writing, as always, was engaging and descriptive, and I was happy to find that Callihan has another book planned told from Jack Talent’s point of view. That should be interesting.

Happy reading!

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