The Protected – a wonderful romantic suspense

This is such a great series and I love this addition. The Protected is full of action, danger and romance as everyone involve work to do everything they can to protect a young boy with powers that he can’t control but others want to.
Vaughnne MacMeans has recently returned to work after taking three months personal leave. The case she worked on in Florida went to hell, a slave ring operation they broke but she could not save the one person she needed to help. Her boss Taylor Jones, Special Agent in charge to the FBI Psychics, a covert government entity wants Vaughnne to go back to Orlando to monitor another case, a kid who has a gift and someone is after him.
Gus Hernandez is a handyman around the area, he lives with Alex a 12 years old who he calls his son. Alex’s life has been uprooted for several years and he is an angry young boy but Gus is Alex’s protector and he will do anything to keep him safe, including moving anytime someone gets too close or they are in danger. Gus knows that Reyes wants to find the boy and even though Alex is Reyes’ son, he only wants him for the power that Alex has.
Tucker and Nalini find out someone is looking for Alex, neither work for the FBI but they are aware of the group, they both have powers of their own. Tucker goes there to see Vaughnne and they talk about what to do, when things are taken out of their hands when men come to Gus’ place causing them all to flee, Vaughnne, Gus and Alex are on the run, heading to Washington DC for help.
They decide the only way Alex will ever be safe is if his father is dead, so leaving Alex with Taylor, Gus and Vaughnne take off for Mexico. There is much distrust between the two and they try to work together but Gus as been running for so long that he only trusts himself. And although they are attracted to each other, they struggles with how to handle their feelings while danger surrounds them.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it is non-stop action from beginning to end with so much angst and emotion. I really like Vaughnne, a strong woman with her own troubles who is still reeling from the last case. I like that she really enjoys working for the FBI, she is loyal to the team and her boss. I also like Gus, he is a tortured soul that has one goal in life, protect Alex. He does not trust anyone even when emotionally he is drawn to Vaughnne.
The secondary characters are all well done, I like Taylor and the team, Alex tugs at your heartstrings as a young boy who has seen a lot of horrors and is dealing with his own powers. Tucker and Nalini play large parts in the story but it is frustrating how they hang just outside the world of the FBI and the communication between them sucks. They all do things separately and it is amazing that things work out. But work out it does. The end is so touching as Gus must make some decisions in his life and learn to live with what he has done in the past. I am so excited to see what happens next in this series. The Protected can be read as stand alone, however they are all such good books that I recommend reading them all.

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