The Luckiest Lady in London – engaging historical romance

I really enjoyed this book. It is a delightful story about trust, image and finding love. The characters are exceptionally portrayed as intelligent, realistic people.
Felix, Lord Wrenworth is the Ideal Gentleman in London, mothers wanted their daughters to marry him and gentleman wanted to be like him. It is unfortunate that it was just a façade he created to hide the truth. He feels like a fraud thinking he is as unworthy as his parents treated him.
Louisa Cantwell is from a poor family, she is looking for a husband that will not only care for her but also her family, she is worried that some of her four sisters may not make marriage matches. At her first ball she meets Lord Wrenworth and immediately senses things are not what they seem. She detects dislike from him and knows he see through her charade. What she does not know is why after that evening he continues to seek her out. To help matters, her sponsor, Lady Balfour continues to make sure they meet at various places – accidentally of course.
When he first suggests his plan, making her his mistress, she knows he is no Ideal Gentleman and quickly says no, but when he is about to wear her down he does the unthinkable and proposes marriage. Although she now has what she wants, she now wants so much more from him.
This is a wonderful story about falling in love. I so enjoyed Louisa, she is smart and knows what she needs to do in life, not only to survive but also take care of her family, yet when she reaches her goal, she wants and deserves so much more. I also like how the author portrays her as a woman that knows her sexuality and lets Felix know, there are some very interesting conversations that take place. The two of them together are amazing, and the chemistry between them sizzles. The problems start with trust and getting past the illusion Felix has created about himself, The Ideal Gentleman, a man that is perfect in every way. I like that they both could see through their charades as soon as they met, he knew she was looking for a wealthy man and she knew he was not as perfect as he portrayed.
The plot progression is good but you should realize there is no big drama or action that takes place, just the angst of two people struggling with getting to know each other, trusting enough to let the other in and getting through the emotional pain from past and present. The relationship grows slowly with a few emotional bumps in the road to make things interesting. She does not trust he will never get tired of her and he does not believe she will love the real Felix. However their connection progresses and I especially enjoyed that they shared a love of math and astronomy which brings them together. The transformation of their relationship is so engaging as we watch them both changed in the end.

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