The Last Diplomat – Boise author creates a different and disturbing future

The world is different in the spring of 2031, a worldwide depression is in its fifth year and has taken its toll, there are millions unemployed and almost as many homeless.  However things go from bad to worse when several cities are bombed and the coastline of several countries are invaded by the Chinese. Many around the world are now at the mercy of China.  Most people are moved to camps, some are left in the cities controlled by the Chinese and some rebels are outside civilizations waiting for the time to rise up.

Chen Loying is an 88 year old Chinese leader.  His team is head of postwar reconstruction and he wants American cooperation in creating a new worldwide superior society and selects fifteen influential personalities to help with his plan.  They are treated decent however are drugged and forced to listen to propaganda for several months.  David Craighill is a former TV news anchor; Chen has selected him as the spokesperson to broadcast nightly, telling the world about this new concept.

At one point the TV station is overtaken by rebels, they want Craighill to read a statement on air, a signal to all rebels.  However Craighill does not read it and several rebel leaders are captured which leaves those on the outside confused about when and where to fight.

Two years after the initial takeover, Chen passes away and names Craighill as his successor to complete the Genesis project, creating one worldwide society.

I enjoyed the premise of the story; the future is very different and leaders have a lot to answer for by letting the world fall into a depression leaving it vulnerable for a takeover.   I enjoyed the characters that were introduced however would have liked to have seen some women leaders selected along with the fifteen.  I also like how the rebels were willing to fight together to stop the new leaders.  What I am not sure of is the ending; Is Craighill going to let the world become this Utopian society?  Were the rebels just going to drop their fight?

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