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The Great Rigby

Prior to lunch Rigby enjoyed some time in the play yard with a group of 7 other dogs. Rigby looks forward to playgroups he always enters the yard ready to party. In typical Rigby fashion he had to show off his athletic skills and ran big zoomies in the yard prior to jumping in and out of the doggy pools!

On the menu: Hamburger Jeff took Rigby through the drive thru at Sonic to get a double hamburger and French fries.

H.J. took Rigby to Ann Morison Park to enjoy lunch at a picnic table by the rose garden. Rigby enjoyed the beef patties and the plain French fries but he wasn’t a fan of the hamburger bun! As soon as he was finished eating he grabbed his tennis ball off the table and proceeded to lie down and play with his ball under the picnic table. Rigby was content to relax under the table for at least 25 minutes before moving on to other adventures in the park.

After lunch: H.J. walked Rigby through the rose garden. Rigby stopped to smell the roses but he had his ball in his mouth the whole time. He was curious about the water fountains but not curious enough to drop his ball! H.J. and Rigby went for a long walk in the park. Rigby was  proud to hold his head high with his tennis ball in his mouth. Rigby didn’t seem very interested in the river so H.J. through his ball for him and he dove right in to retrieve it again and again. Rigby’s favorite part of the day was quiet time with H.J. and his coveted tennis ball along side the river under a tree on a picnic table. Upon returning to the shelter Rigby was presented with an XL Kong full of frozen peanut butter to enjoy in his kennel.

Rigby videos

Rigby jumping in the river for his ball:

Rigby with his ball

Rigby and Hamburger Jeff

Rigby in the river

More info from the Idaho Humane Society:
Rigby makes us laugh. He is such a good-humored boy. A real clown! He’s confident, happy, fun, silly, resilient, and highly social with people. He’s been described as a party boy and he’s very toy driven. He’s done well in play groups and he particularly likes to run zoomies and play in the doggy pools with friends. Because of his love for toys and his drive and enthusiasm he has been identified as a working dog prospect. He’s a compact little muscle boy weighing in at only 36pounds. Rigby will need a daily outlet for exercise. Rigby was one of many dogs rescued from a neglectful situation in Oneida County. For more information on Rigby contact Jenn at 208-866-1629

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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