The fun of turkey hunting is about a lot more than shooting a bird

Photo by Roger Phillips

Photo by Roger Phillips

I like turkey hunting because I get to sneak around in the woods, listen to birds, see lots of wildlife, and really experience nature coming alive in the spring.

If it wasn’t for turkey hunting, I would have no reason to sit silently in the woods at sunrise. I’m just not that Zen of a guy. But it’s an incredible experience. The sounds alone are worth the hassle of rising early and hiking into the woods in the dark. It’s like a natural symphony that climaxes as the sun’s rays penetrate the forest. And when I hear that raucous gobbling, the games begin.

As a turkey hunter, my success rate is awful, but that’s never bothered me. The birds typically ignore my calls, or they reply, but won’t come within shotgun range. I accept that, and it in no way diminishes the enjoyment of a morning that starts dark, silent and chilly, and then becomes bright, vibrant and warm.

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