The Devil of Clan Sinclair – wonderful historical romance

I am a sucker for anything that has Clan in the title, I love those highlanders as they lord over the Scottish lands. This is an enjoyable story about betrayal, loss and renewed love.
Macrath Sinclair and Virginia were in love and as soon as she could convince her father, they were going to marry. Unfortunately her father was not going to let her marry a man from the highlands who is without a title. Instead her father marries her to an older man with health problems that took his anger out on those around him. He dies less than a year later and leaves his wife, mother and sister, penniless.
In order to survive, Virginia needs an heir and she knows just the man who could help her. She travels to Scotland and is welcome with some reservations by Macrath but he forgives her and they spend some wonderful nights together. Yet she still leaves him. He goes off to Australia with his invention, an ice machine that preserves food and returns a year later to find London in turmoil because of Small Pox.
When he hears Virginia is sick he goes to visit only to find out he has a son, without hesitation he whisks his son back to Scotland, and that is when the battle begins.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and as this is the first in the series, look forward to reading more. I had such feelings for Macrath, as he is first hurt when she marries without telling him why, then when she comes for help she does not tell him her problems and of course the worst one is when she withholds his son from him. He just pulls at your heartstrings.
I know Virginia had her issues, she did not want to be forced to marry and when she is free she does not go to Macrath with her heart, instead she deceives him. I know she did not have many choices but I wish she could have confided in him. I did like the chemistry between them and thought they fit well together. Both of them were stubborn and strong willed which is probably why it took them so long to forgive and find the happiness they deserve.
I will definitely be continuing the series and look forward to more.

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