The Cure is fascinating and full of surprises

thecureThe Cure: A Thriller
Bradlee Frazer
Diversion Books, 2013
306 pages
ISBN: 1938120329

Publisher Synopsis:  What if we had the cure for a catastrophic illness, but it lay hidden inside the blood and bones of just one man? A mysterious new contagion is decimating the population. It starts in the lungs, like the flu, then moves to the bones, where it weakens and breaks them, eventually killing the host. The disease’s origin, methods of propagation and means of contraction are all unknown. There is no vaccine, and none is expected, as the virus is protean and elusive. If it remains unchecked and mutates into a more virulent form, it will become an extinction level event.

Jason Kramer has the disease, known by its nickname “Trips Lite” (the CDC doctor who discovered it is a fan of Stephen King’s “The Stand”), but his body produces a unique antibody that kills the viruses inside him. This component in Jason’s blood can be harvested and given to anyone who needs it—his blood can heal. But pharmaceutical magnate Phillip Porter needs to keep people believing that only his expensive drug cocktail will slow Trips Lite down, and so if there’s any chance someone with the disease will live, Phillip Porter must make sure that Jason Kramer does not.

My Take: I love a complex thriller, and Mr. Frazer’s chilling, very believable medical conspiracy is tightly written, fast-paced and enjoyable. His concise writing allowed me to visualize each scene and easily move with the story without having to go back to catch up. You will find surprise twists in his tale. His characters were fascinating and multi-faceted and as the story progressed they evolved, sometimes in such a manner that I had to make revisions to my villain/hero labels. The Cure is not a morality tale, but Frazer’s portrayal of the carnage left by those pursing a goal at any cost is sobering. Easily as good as other pandemic thrillers, you’ll enjoy this from the first page. If you like drama and intrigue this book has it in spades.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

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