Tempted into Danger is a wonderful romantic suspense

An ICE, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation has intercepted an email that may put Vanessa Crosby in danger. She is a senior analyst in criminal detection for Rio Bank and has created an algorithm program to track bulk cash using small deposits; the program will revolutionize ICE’s counter terrorism efforts. They have called in a team to help bring her to a safe house, hopefully have her hand over some vital information and work on the inside to crack a case they have been working on. She has been living in Panama City for seven years; she followed her best friend down here and stayed.
Diego Santero is a member of ICE, and he and his team have been selected to escort Vanessa to and from the safe house undetected. He is angry as he does not feel like being a highly paid, highly trained taxi driver. His team consists of several people he trusts implicitly and that he has been with for years, such as Ryan, they were SEAL’s together.
When Vanessa tells her boss about the glitch she finds using her program, he reprimands her, yet immediately wants the program himself. Instead of giving it to him right away she downloads customer information to take home to do more testing, however she never makes it and the ICE team intercept her as she is about to be kidnapped. While on their way to the safe house they find it has been compromised. So Diego tells his crew that he is using his Plan zero and disappearing until things cool down.
They head to the jungles of Panama where he knows the area and can keep her safe however they experience danger that seems to follow them at every turn as they travel to his place, as they walk out a day later and as they are being rescued. Unexpected peril awaits them when trusted members seem to turn on them and cause threats that jeopardize other team members and they are in a race to find answers before they are all killed.
This is a great book that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. I read it in one setting and enjoyed it thoroughly. The characters are well written and the chemistry between Diego and Vanessa is so believable that you could feel the sexual tension and anticipation. I love how smart she is and the fact that Diego is turned on by that before he meets her, as smart women excite him. He would ask her to solve equations out loud while they were walking just to get her mind to work. I also liked how he could match her at times when they would talk about velocity or miles walked.
The suspense is out of this world, the story is thrilling all the way till the end and even though there were several parts that were predictable and I could guess what would happen there were also parts that caught me off guard as we raced toward the conclusion. The secondary characters are all well written, Ryan as the silent type and Alicia who seems to have it all together, however we all know they have their secrets, I look forward to the next installment as I am definitely invested in their stories.

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