Teach Us to Number our Days is a book to be savored

teachustonumberour daysTeach Us to Number Our Days

By David Roper
Discovery House Publisher, 2008
ISBN: 978-1572931961
$13.38/Hardcover, $11.69/Paperback, $9.99/eBook

Overview: In Teach Us to Number Our Days, David Roper shows you why and how the “middle-age” season of your life can truly be the best. Offering biblical wisdom and reassurance for you as you mature, Roper invites you to travel with him on his own “journey to maturity.”

My Take: David Roper describes his book as “eclectic in nature, based on things I’ve seen, experienced, read, or thought about in recent years….from the perspective of an older person…” And that is exactly what it is, a modern-day Ecclesiastes – without the ennui – of a man reflecting on life and God.

It is a book good enough to reread as the wisdom of his words need to simmer in your spirit, not just read once and forgotten. It reveals a man who has served God and now wishes to express gratitude to his Savior by encouraging others.

Each brief entry touches upon God’s nature and His love for us. In the manner of C.S. Lewis or Oswald Chambers, Dr. Roper has the ability to write about ordinary circumstances, forcing us to take a second – and third — look at what we assume we already know. For instance when he says …We imagine that spiritual growth is upward, when in fact the path to usefulness and maturity is a downward spiral through difficulty, contradiction, injustice, and humiliation… he put into words an “Aha” moment that I could not have verbalized, but my heart acknowledged.

David Roper’s love for God and heart for people comes across in each page of his writing. This is a book to be savored.

My Rating: A 5 out of 5, it would be a wonderful devotional gift to yourself or a friend.

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