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Take care to keep your pets safe on hot July 4 weekend

As temperatures soar into the 100s, animal welfare advocates in the Treasure Valley are encouraging area residents to take extra care to ensure pets are safe.

Some tips from the Idaho Humane Society:

- Keep pets indoors where it is cool.

- Provide lots of water and shade if pets must be outside.

- Don’t leave dogs in the car, even if windows are cracked. Even a few minutes in the extreme heat of a car can cause grave injury or death.

- If you see a dog locked in a hot car, call IHS humane officers at: 343-3166. Those who leave dogs in hot cars face an animal cruelty citation.

Every year, shelters across the country are inundated by pets that run away from their homes during Fourth of July festivities.

- Leave pets at home.

- Keep pets securely indoors, away from windows where they can see firework displays. Leave on a radio or television to disguise some of the firework noise.

- Give your pet a special treat to chew or interactive toy to play with that will keep their attention off of the commotion outside.

- Before July Fourth arrives make sure your pet has proper identification such as a microchip and a collar with a tag displaying your current contact information.

- If your pet goes missing, visit your local animal shelter immediately and file a lost animal report. Post lost pet flyers and talk to your neighbors to let them know your pet is missing.

The Idaho Humane Society will be closed on the Fourth of July. It will re-open at 8 a.m. Friday.

Owners reclaiming stray pets at the Idaho Humane Society on Friday will have their regular fees waived. Owners whose dogs do not have current city or county license will need to purchase a license at the time that they pick up their dog.

The Idaho Humane Society is at 4775 Dorman St.

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