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Sweet & Petite

The day started with Chelsea’s foster mom dropping her off at the shelter so she could participate in playgroups. Chelsea loves to play with dogs of all sizes. She’s very physical in her play style she loves to run, jump, and wrestle!

After playgroups Hamburger Jeff took Chelsea to Big Bun for a Hamburger. Chelsea can be a bit shy in new places so her canine friend Pete came along. Chelsea wasn’t interested in French fries but she loved the hamburger. During lunch Chelsea sat right next to Jeff and observed everything. She was willing to perform some of the commands that she learned in the IDAPI Program and she was willing to do anything for bacon!

After lunch HJ took Chelsea to Petsmart to visit with I.H.S. employees in the Enhanced Adoption Center. Chelsea was very curious about everything as she walked up and down the aisles. A lot of shoppers stopped to comment on her beauty.

Chelsea is a very special girl and she’s made a lot of progress in the last 8 months. In April she was rescued from a property that housed over 60 dogs. The dogs were chained and provided with very little. When she arrived at the shelter she was overwhelmed. Having never been exposed to the sights and sounds of the world she was very shy and retreated. She experienced so many new things after arriving at the shelter. Things like the joy of dog toys, daily meals, a dog bed, medical care, car rides, daily walks, and most of all love and affection from people. Chelsea is still a bit shy but with continued socialization she’s making lots of progress and in the right home she will continue to grow and blossom. Chelsea is a testament to how forgiving dogs can be.

Watch these videos of Chelsea: Chelsea eating lunch       Chelsea at Big Bun

Click here for Chelsea’s online profile with the Idaho Humane Society Chelsea is a two year old, purebred, pit bull terrier that came to the shelter (with approximately 60 other dogs) from a deplorable situation where she had spent much of her life outdoors chained to a dog house.  After coming to the Idaho Humane Society, she was given veterinary care and was vaccinated, spayed and introduced to a normal life where she was introduced to lots of other dogs and was socialized with people on a daily basis.  Chelsea is learning to trust and has become more social, she is a very loving and sweet dog and will make a wonderful companion for a single person or a family with a calm and quiet household.  She enjoys playing with other dogs.  Chelsea has a short, easy care coat of fur and will need a home where she can live inside with her family.  Chelsea only weighs 38-lbs.  She is currently living in a foster home with another dog and two cats.  For more information about Chelsea, please contact Jenn at (208) 866-1629.

Chelsea recently completed training in the Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (IDAPI Program) where she lived with and was trained by inmates at one of the Idaho correctional centers.  During this two-month period, the dogs live with the inmates in a prison setting and are trained daily in basic obedience.  They are also house, leash and crate trained.  The dogs are frequently taught a number of fun tricks such as shake with both paws, bow, spin, speak, sit up, crawl, wave and many times can also perform some agility commands.  They also learn to be good indoor companions while at the same time, they get to interact, play and bond with the other dogs in the program.  At the end of the training period, these dogs are evaluated to make sure that they have been trained to do all of their required commands.To apply Chelsea, you must complete an IDAPI application and, upon adoption you will be asked to attend a 2-hour workshop where you will learn the commands that the dog knows and how to work with her. If you are interested in applying for this dog or any dog in the IDAPI program, please contact Dee at the Idaho Humane Society and request an application.  The phone number is 208/331-8552 and the e-mail address is:

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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