Surrender to Sultry – fun contemporary romance

Another great addition to this series, Ms Beckett writes amazing small town stories that encompass engaging characters and interesting premises. I thoroughly enjoyed.
Sheriff Colton Bea has known his share of troubles, especially when he was younger, however three years ago his problems finally caught up with him, he was run down by a stalker in a car and has suffered severe back pain ever since, so he has toned down his lifestyle.
Colt is shocked to see Leah driving through town; she has not been seen in ten years. He tried several times to find her with no luck. Their relationship ended badly years ago, she moved keeping a huge secret from everyone except her father. Leah came home to help her father through his illness; he has always been there for her so she came out of hiding for him.
When she was seventeen she had a relationship with Colt, after he embarrassed her and she found out she was pregnant, she left. Because she was so young and Colt had recently been arrested again, she made a decision to give her son up for adoption without telling Colt. As Colt and Leah try for a second chance at love, she is afraid to tell him, believing it will turn him against her forever.
I really enjoyed this book as it tells of an emotional struggle between the past and present. Ms. Beckett’s characters are interesting and realistic; they feel like your friends and neighbors. I love the small town romance; the camaraderie, family connections and friends who are so enjoyable to read about.
Leah and Colt have history so the chemistry is built in and they fall back toward what they had before so easily, it just works between them. I like the characters of Sultry Springs and enjoyed seeing several play key roles from previous books, I hope Rachel finds her true love one day and that the boys (men) from high school grow up – lol.
The plot progression is well paced without much “over the top” drama. I did have a small problem with the fact that Colt was never told, but I liked her father’s comments and I could feel her regret and how sorry she was. Life is like that sometimes, you do what you think is best at the time. All in all this is a wonderful romance full of real life problems and solutions – with a happy ending of course.

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