Community Blog: Lunch with Hamburger Jeff

Star Spangled Pickle

On the menu: H.J. took Pickle to a 4th of July lunch at Ben’s Crow Inn. Pickle feasted on finger steaks and French fries.

Notable: Pickle wasn’t picky about his condiments he liked cocktail sauce, ranch, and ketchup.

H.J. and Pickle enjoyed a holiday lunch on the busy patio. The waitress greeted them with a cold bowl of water. Pickle was happy to hang out in the shade under the table while waiting for his lunch. He decided right away that he was a big fan of finger steaks dipped in cocktail sauce. He also enjoyed fresh carrots and French fries. He was very gentle when taking food and he was happy to demonstrate his sit command.

After lunch: H.J. took Pickle out to Lucky Peak to walk around Lydle Gulch. Pickle had a blast climbing through the tall grass and walking in the stream. Due to the heat H.J. decided to take Pickle to Petco on Federal Way to cool off and explore. Pickle was happy to greet everyone with a tail wag. He was a good sport and was happy to model a life jacket for the camera! He got lots of treats from the friendly staff and he loved sniffing his way through the store. On the way back to the shelter H.J. stopped for an ice cream cup. Pickle licked the cup and spoon clean and was desperately looking for more. Upon arriving at the shelter H.J. took Pickle out to the shady grass yard to relax. Pickle enjoys playing with toys and was happy to find a tennis ball in the yard.

More about Pickle from the Idaho Humane Society
American Pit Bull Terrier Mix- 12 months old- 65lbs- Male- Brindle/White
Pickle is quite a character, he looks big and tough but he’s a cream puff! Mellow with a gentle nature, he is loving and social too. Pickle isn’t terribly interested in other dogs. He greets them appropriately but then mostly ignores them. Pickle will need some work on his leash skills and he will need daily exercise. He enjoys playing with toys and he’d love a big bone or antler to chew! He will sit and down on command and he rides nicely in the car. Remember he’s a big ol’ puppy and will need continued training and socialization so he continues to be a breed ambassador. He needs to be an indoor dog that will be included in family activities.

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